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  1. Fellowship Tournament Tracking See how your fellowship stacks up against others. Challenge other fellowships to a dual for a friendly competition! Match Making ElvenStats tracks players boosts and the goods production ratios of fellowships. With this information, fellowships can recruit the right candidates to balance their goods. Users looking for a fellowship can find fellowships that.
  2. Added Fellowship Tournament History / Score History Charts to Fellowship page. Added Average Tourney Metric to Player Page. Added Average Chests Metric to Fellowship Page. Made Tier Charts Responsive (no more overlap at low resolutions) Fixed issue where server name wasn't appearing in a few places. Updates to RU, RO, PT, PL languages; April 3, 2018. Revised boost percentage estimates.
  3. ElvenStats; Tournament Guides. TOURNAMENT GUIDES. Find out which goods to stock up on and which units to train for each tournament. ELVENGEMS.COM. Elvenar Gems of Knowledge. Tournament Guides. Click a title below to view the guide. Marble Tournament. Steel Tournament. Planks Tournament Crystal Tournament. Scrolls Tournament. Silk Tournament Elixir Tournament. Magic Dust Tournament. Gems.
  4. ElvenStats. Other Sites. Import your city in one click with elvenstats.com! They also have fellowship goods tracking, match-making, score history, and more. Visit website . Donate. Information. If you are finding the tools and information useful, you can support the website by making a donation to help cover the hosting and maintenance costs. Donate . Frequently Asked Questions. Information.

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  1. Tournament driven players looking for a 10-chest focused group can find one in Fellows & Fellowships: If you would like to help ensure Gems of Knowledge can continue providing Elvenar news, tips, hints and event guides, please consider disabling any adblock services you may use for our domains (https://gamersgemsofknowledge.com and https://elvengems.com), and visit some of our sponsors who.
  2. REWARDS BY CHEST. Refer to this chart to see the rewards available for each chest your fellowship opens in the tournament. All fellows who complete at least one province in the tournament will earn the rewards shown for each chest won
  3. ElvenStats; About Gems of Knowledge; Contact Us; Support Gems of Knowledge; Search. Crystal Tournament Tips & Tricks. Tips & Tricks C rystal Tournament. Are you ready for the next Crystal Tournament? Read below to learn which goods to stock up on and which units to train to be sure you're as prepared as possible to help your fellowship win big in the next tournament! Summary. Prepare.
  4. Import from game. Our friends at ElvenStats.com kindly provides the feature of importing your city directly from the game.. They also have fellowship goods tracking, match-making, score history, and more
  5. Whether you're a caterer, a fighter, or a little of both, these tips will help you ensure you're ready for the types of goods and units you'll need the most for the best tournament performance. Click here ^ to see battle videos! GOODS. These are the goods you'll use the most of for catering in the Planks Tournament
  6. We have Fellowship, player, and tournament ranking, so fellowship tournament ranking is just another way to look at the data.(and a player requested feature that was approved) I especially like seeing more accurate numbers for my fellowship's goods productions. We all try to balance our FS, but it takes a long time to do it well, so we often.

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ElvenStats website - stats, ladders, and more. Thread starter Mykan; Start date Mar 15, 2018; 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. Go. Next Last. Mykan Sorcerer. Mar 15, 2018 #1 Came across a new website that was announced on beta and US forums. Thought I would share it here for those who only read the EN forums. One amazing feature is an import tool of your town to elven architect. I have no. In Elvenar, you can get your hands on these relics by either trading some with the province owners or fighting for them against savage creatures! Your friendly neighborhood. You are not alone in Elvenar, the fantasy city builder game. On the vast and seemingly unending world map, numerous other tribes of elves and humans have made their home. You can visit them and take a good look at their. https://www.elvenstats.com/fellowship/cz1/8872 ♥ Mehr von Elvenar Gems of Knowledge auf Facebook anzeige ♦:diamond:♦ :diamond: Tuto stránku na score znáte :D ? Dá se tam najít každý hráč jak je proti ostatním. Našel jsem to na stránkách anglického Elvenaru :D Najdete tam i srovnání klanů, hráčů, ze serverů aji co se týká ostatních ve světě. Někteří ty turnaje dávají podobně jako my ve Fairy Tail..

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  1. Elvenar Gems of Knowledge. 4,817 likes · 26 talking about this. Pick up all the Gems of Knowledge you need to play Elvenar even better
  2. Offizielle Mitteilung von Expect-us Ice: Beim Kapitän Wimpy-Gedächtnis-Turnier von Woche 48 erreichte die Gilde am Mittwochabend um 1744 Uhr die 10. Kiste, am Freitagabend um 2142 Uhr die 100'000er-Marke und schloss am Samstagabend mit insgesamt 131'913 Punkten das Holzturnier. Allen..
  3. Build up your magical city in the online city-builder Elvenar, choose between Elves and Humans and discover an enchanting world
  4. imo di 1600 al torneo costantemente non riuscito, visto che toccava ai soliti 5/6 player fare di più per ottenere il decimo scrigno, ieri -dopo molti sacrifici e tentativi dei soliti sopracitati- siamo riusciti per un pelo e ad appena un'ora dalla fine del.
  5. The big focus of development for the last couple weeks has been on rearchitecting ElvenStats for localization in other languages. It was a big endeavor and today we launched the first batch of translations making the site now available in 11 Languages! It was incredible how fast the community got the translations done. We began sharing the instructions only three days ago
  6. utes in the Silk Tournament
  7. As dori sa atrag aici atentia asupra sectiunii Click the Link Below to Launch Elven Architect care apare pe pagina de profil elvenstats a fiecarui jucator. Acest link ii incarca harta in utilitarul Elvenarhitect, care va ofera o privire de sus (bird eye view) asupra orasului, poti muta cladiri, vinde etc. Il gasesc foarte util in orasele mele mai mari mai ales, pentru a vedea spatiile.

Are you looking for 10 chests in the tournaments where each member puts in an equal amount of effort? Elite Tournamentalists is just that and more! We achieved the 10th chest with 23 members last week

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  1. Fellowship Adventures is a multi-player event which occurs roughly once a month. This is a fellowship feature - If you're not in a fellowship, you'll want to join one if you want to participate in this event! The feature is not available to players not in a fellowship. If you change fellowships during the adventure, you will not be able to participate. Leaving a fellowship during the adventure.
  2. NEW website Elvenstats.com! The only thing that can be revealed - your tournament score. But it can be taken from game within same time (except history of previous tournaments, that may be interesting info for recruiting purposes and FS history, I gather that info myself for private use too). Reactions: SoggyShorts. blackbudahflyb Well-Known Member. Mar 15, 2018 #33 Absolutely brilliant.
  3. Bin dafür, das verteilen der Blaupausen fair zu machen. Die ganzen Spieler mit viel DIAS bekommen eh immer die 10.Kiste, diese Leute würden aber auch gerne mehr Geld für die Blaupausen zahlen

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  1. https://www.elvenstats.com/fellowship/cz1/8872 ♥ See more of Elvenar Gems of Knowledge on Faceboo
  2. Vážení návštevníci fóra, aby ste sa mohli aktívne zapájať do diskusií alebo vytvárať vlastné témy a príspevky, potrebuje účet v hre a ZAREGISTROVAŤ SA TU
  3. See more of Elvenar Gems of Knowledge on Facebook. Log In. o

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USERNAME First things first, you'll need to choose a username! Your username is the nick-name you will go by in the game, and it will be visible to all in the community Un peu ce genre là @elvenstats: Spoiler: exemple d'un jeu très connu. Edit. : Oups ! Double post !! Messages fusionnés par Asticotine . Dernière édition par un modérateur: 1. Avr 2018. Réactions: karina84, kyhd, Thorondhor et 1 autre personne. Puce11 Champion de Foot'Venar. 1. Avr 2018 #124 magnifique double post @Kaaru . Réactions: Deleted member 8628. Kaaru Romantique. 1. Avr 2018. Crystal Tournament Tips & Tricks - Elvenar Gems of Knowledge Check out this guide for all the Tips & Tricks you need to do great in this week's Crystal Tournament! English (US Hallo Freunde, wir sind aktuell noch auf der Suche nach ein paar Verrückten die noch Lust auf das GA haben, dass vorraussichtlich am 13.09.2018 startet. Wir wissen, dass viele das GA nicht mögen, weswegen wir unsere 50 Mann (haben 2 Gemeinschaften) zum GA so aufstellen, dass das eine Team auf.. Hover over the Fellowship Adventures icon on the top of your screen when you're in the Fellowship Adventures map to see how many of each badge you have earned. When you start your Fellowship Adventures, you will get 2 additional quest givers. They offer you 16 cycle-able quests, one for each type of Badge. 3 new Badges were added during the February Adventures: Wand - Gain 1 Magical.

Consultando elvenstats in sezione tornei si possono vedere i vari risultati di ogni paese ogni settimana e a stilarne una classifica. Quindi l'elettrizzante idea mi sorge spontanea non sarebbe interessante nell'arco di un periodo di tempo (che ne so 1 mese 1 trimestre), un torneo internazionale in cui parteciperanno compagnie che sono andate bene nei tornei del proprio paese, e. [Tournaments] Reduce Tournament encounters. Thread starter SoggyShorts; Start date May 11, 2019; Are you in favor of this idea? Yes Votes: 62 81.6% No Votes: 14 18.4% Total voters 76; Poll closed Nov 4, 2019. Prev . 1 Go to page. Go. 5. All Buildings. A list of all buildings, which may include some found only in beta Read this guide for everything you need to know about the Elvenar Woodelves chapter

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This is [still] an experimental feature. This simulator has now evolved to allow battles for up to 5vs8 squads. The purpose is to give an idea on how different army setups perform based on units' characteristics, bonuses, abilities and behaviour Elvenar Gems of Knowledge. 4,817 likes · 27 talking about this. Pick up all the Gems of Knowledge you need to play Elvenar even better День добрый! Итак, мой взгляд на игру. Обращаюсь к начинающим. Есть в игре такие себе Древние чудеса. Для начинающих кажутся почти бесполезными. Но потом оказывается, что они очень важны и их выбор и прокачка являются. Learn all about the units trained in the Elf Barracks. E LF BARRACKS. Elf. Barracks. Human Barracks. Training. Grounds. Mercenary. Camp . In the Barracks you can train your 5 basic fighters. Use the Next and Back arrows to page through the tabs and see more about each unit trained in this building. S WORD DANCER. Light Melee Unit. Moves. 3 Spaces. Attacks. 1 Space. Strike Back. 1 An Agile.

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D111-a Timewarp This highly developed Construct can bend time which leads to shorter Tournament Province upgrade times and to a higher output from Sentient Good productions. Race: Constructs: Type : Ancient Wonder: Availability: Standard: Sellable: Yes: Cap-Connection: Main Hall (Elves) Main Hall (Humans) Set-Level Cost * Production * Effects; 1 3x6---6:51 h : 4,600; 17,300; 10,400; 8,300. Elvenar Basics - The 10 Golden Rules of Space Optimization (1) - Duration: 10:16. Elvenar Players - Get Daily Gameplay Tips & News on Facebook! 17,520 view Hallo, ich spiele auf en.elvenar.com (jetzt Elementals; Statistik ist auf elvenstats.com) und ich lerne Deutsch (leider nur B1, aber besser und besser!). Jetzt habe ich eine ganz neue Stadt hier und ich suche eine Gemeinschaft. - Ich habe: Marmor, Kristall und Elixier. - Ich liebe das Turnier.. Elvenar Gems of Knowledge. Gefällt 4.817 Mal · 9 Personen sprechen darüber. Pick up all the Gems of Knowledge you need to play Elvenar even better

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Elvenar Gems of Knowledge. 4,802 likes · 35 talking about this. Pick up all the Gems of Knowledge you need to play Elvenar even better [Shrnutí] Přidání nového turnajového žebříčku pro jednotlivá společenství [Podrobnosti] Turnaje jsou o spolupráci ve společenství jako takovém, ale oficiální cestou nejde zjistit, jak si dané společenství v turnajových kláních vede (vedlo). [Důvody] V turnajích hrají hráči za účelem dosažení.. ElvenStats. Interesse. Island Experiment. Spiele/Spielzeuge. Abandoned Earth. Private Website. Throne Rush. Videospiel. Klondike: The Lost Expedition Beginners . App-Seite. The Tribez. Videospiel. Seiten, die dieser Seite gefallen. Elvenar. ElvenStats. Aktueller Beitrag der Seite. Elvenar Gems of Knowledge. Heute um 09:31. Are you ready for the next tournament? Find out which units to tr

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(Go to Elvenstats.com, click on ME in the menu, and the website will load your city on Elven Architect for you.) View entire discussion (13 comments) More posts from the Elvenar communit @brad drake ho capito, te vuoi giustificare il fatto di non saper raggiungere certi risultati con la scusa loro usano diamanti, quindi non posso raggiungerli, è chiarissimo :D Io non la vedo così, ma tu sei LIBERISSIMO di continuare a lamentarti e a sentirti inferiore a chi usa diamanti.. This is one of Elvenar Platinum Leaf's Tournaments series; in this video we look at how to prepare in advance for the upcoming Gems Tournament. Here is the link for the QuickPick:https://www.

Check out our NEW & IMPROVED Tournament Calculator. Use this calculator to see what benefits you can earn in the tournament! Use the reverse calculator to see how many provinces and rounds you'd need.. !Bienvenidos al Torneo de Tablones! Este torneo las puntuaciones han bajado un poco en 24 de los 25 puestos pero a pesar de haber bajado los puntos siguen siendo muy altos para los puntos que se suelen hacer de normal. Gran trabajo de todos ;). Luego esta el 1º puesto que ha puesto todo en el.. What marketing strategies does Elvenstats use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Elvenstats

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en 1er, merci de ne pas déformer mes propos en ajoutant un adverbe (ceux qui ont toutcompris), qui, dans ce contexte, -pourrait- donner un sens péjoratif et dédaigneux à mon propos, ce qui n'est pas le cas puisque je m'évertue à expliquer en citant mes résultats personnels, ceux de ma Confrérie (aller voir Elvenstats https://www. I've been thinking about leaving this fellowship but I feel bad, but I am usually the one topping the tournament charts. Like you said about the middling- it's not bad, but it could be better. How did some of your fellows decide to stay or go? level 2. DollyDainty . Original Poster 3 points · 1 month ago. Some were happy where they were and just wanted to try and redevelop the existing. From Elvenar Wiki EN. Jump to: navigation, search. Welcome to the Elvenar Help Page! These documents are a work in progress and were designed to help and guide you through your gaming experience as well as provide detailed information about the game mechanics and stats. We also strongly suggest that you visit the forum as it is a great source for information, suggestions and in-game experience. Tournament Preparation. Marble Province; Steel Province; Useful Links; Members; About; Useful Links . Elvenar U.S. Server Forum Requires registration before you can comment or make posts, but very useful info can be be found at the forums. Elvenar Beta Server Forum Requires registration to post or comment and you have to have a city on the Beta server. This forum usually has info before the o

Wir überlegen gerade in der Gilde, wie viele Spieler wir mindestens brauchen, um 10 Kisten, bzw. 40.000 Spielpunkte zu erreichen. Wie ich das schon beim Turm angemerkt habe. auch beim Wikieintrag für die Turniere fehlt die Punkteentwicklung pro Provinz vom 1.- bis zum 6. Stern. Bitte ergänzen.. The Facebook group Elvenar Platinum Leaf and its companion Community Facebook page Elvenar Platinum Leaf Community are Public resources for everyone who love..

gr.elvenar.com; More Games: Play now. Forge of Empires. Lead your city from the stone age through the centuries and forge a vast empire! Warlords of Aternum. Warlords of Aternum - Put your tactics to the test in an epic fantasy universe. God Kings. Compete on the ultimate battleground against epic creatures and tyrannical enemies! Grepolis. Build majestic cities, create a strong alliance. Even more so, now that we have fellowship-based weekly Tournaments! There are the eight cornerstones on which a Fellowship is built: Fellowships are Fun! Daily Visits; Trading Goods; Chat & Messages; Camaraderie; Harmony ; Assistance; Tournament game-play; Fellowship Adventures; Each fellowship has to decide where its priorities lie - and record this in their Fellowship Description. For me.

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Check out the Tips & Tricks for this week's Magic Dust Tournament! New features include a new Copy & Paste Summary with an easy to use 'Copy' button for.. Еще раз приветствую! Скоро закончу главу Лесных эльфов, прошел 290 провинций, хочу построить Древние раскопки из 3-й главы, но за все время собрал всего 8 рун! Зато на Хрустальный маяк, который мне нафиг не нужен.

2. At the left side of the group you can click on Files where there are lots of resources of different kinds that you may find useful. Feel free to message us with stuff that you may think we might include! And any suggestions you have as to how we can improve the group ElvenStats. Publication récente de la Page. Elvenar Gems of Knowledge. 25 avril, 09:31. Are you ready for the next tournament? Find out which units to train and which goods to stock up on, here! Elvenar Gems of Knowledge. 11 avril, 09:23. Are you ready for the next tournament? Find out which units to train and which goods to stock up on, here! Elvenar Gems of Knowledge. 4 avril, 09. 1. If you have 10 minutes - watch this video tour of the group! It shows you how to use all the external and internal Elvenar links that we have. Sadly, there is still a little hiss despite re-editing - but it is quite listenable NEW website Elvenstats! Elvenstats is a great tool! Congrats to the creators. Really appreciate all the updates too. Reactions: elvenstats. thedarkboo Member. Apr 5, 2018 #83 @elvenstats just a quick question, how long till the fellowship rank updates? Is that tied to the player refresh or is that done on a weekly basis? Just curious too.. i think you mentioned that you fixed the username.

Hay 2 métodos para solventar un torneo. Con tropas o con productos. Normalmente se usan las 2. Por que las tropas te ahorran productos que puedes usar en otra cosa y con los recursos puedes llegar mas lejos donde las tropas ya no pueden más que morir See more of Elvenar Gems of Knowledge on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Elvenar Gems of Knowledge on Facebook. Log In. Forgotten account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Related Pages. Elvenar. Gaming video creator. Forge of Empires. Gaming video creator. Elvenar - Magyar. Games/toys. InnoGames. Video game. Diggy's Adventure . App Page. Island Experiment. Games/toys. For several weeks now, Elvenstats isn't showing all tournament information on a fellowship page. The tournament tab seems to be accurate for the week, and the tournament bar graph is displayed on each individual player's page, but the bar graph that's displayed on a fellowship's page is missing every other tournament. The most recent silk, dust, and marble tournaments are not showing up Easiest to Hardest: Elvenar Tournaments. Thread starter MailenaLani; Start date Mar 23, 2018; MailenaLani Active Member . Mar 23, 2018 #1 so much discussion on Tournaments, sites devoted to playing in the tournaments and data floating around, I was wondering if anyone has ever ranked the tournaments from easiest to hardest? I know this can be rather subjective, given so many factors, but there.

Elvenar Gems of Knowledge. 4,818 likes · 15 talking about this. Pick up all the Gems of Knowledge you need to play Elvenar even better Elvenar Gems of Knowledge. 4 808 J'aime · 18 en parlent. Pick up all the Gems of Knowledge you need to play Elvenar even better ElvenStats. Elvenar. Publicação recente da Página. Elvenar Gems of Knowledge . 25 de abril às 09:31. Are you ready for the next tournament? Find out which units to train and which goods to stock up on, here! Elvenar Gems of Knowledge. 11 de abril às 09:23. Are you ready for the next tournament? Find out which units to train and which goods to stock up on, here! Elvenar Gems of. Rekordy našich hráčů z úplně TOP Tournament Score z celého serveru 10K-15K+ bodů. Máme ty nejsilnější hráče z Elvenaru. Máme ty nejsilnější hráče z Elvenaru. • Vícevrstvou společnost, s odlišnými body velkými i malými

We zoeken actieve toernooispelers :human: en :elf: die graag een toernooitje spelen. Wie wil met ons verder op weg naar 10de kist? We zouden jou graag aan ons team willen toevoegen. Minimale score is nu 120 punten voor level 2 en zal oplopen tot 600 punten voor Dwergen, level 6. Degenen die.. ElvenStats. Elvenar. Publication récente de la Page. Elvenar Gems of Knowledge. 1 mars, 15:39. Looking for tips on Diplomacy in the Spire? Check out this video from Mercy Blue! Elvenar Gems of Knowledge. 29 février, 08:04. Are you ready for the next tournament? Find out which units to train and which goods to stock up on, here! Elvenar Gems of Knowledge. 22 février, 09:02. Elvenar is a free-to-play browser-based game, where you will build a flourishing city and discover. Tools & tables for all things Elvenar. The Elvenar have arrived on beta, bringing wit

To my knowledge, ElvenStats is the only site that pulls in-game data from player cities. They coordinated with the folks who run the ElvenArchitect site to be able to import your city over to the city planner. ElvenStats launched in March 2018 and here is a link to the thread on these forums when it first came out: Forum ElvenStats Threa Elvenar players' group: 'Platinum Leaf' ha 6359 membri. This is an independent News & Resources group for all Elvenar players. Our goal is to share the.. NEW website Elvenstats! of my fellowships, under New Personal Records, it lists a player stating they had their most points in a week/Highest Tournament Score/ Highest Tournament Rank.....but I know that this player has been away from the game due to RL circumstances. Is this a bug, or sarcasm? Ashrem Well-Known Member. Mar 25, 2018 #72 Laochra said: I am really, really liking this website. ElvenStats. Publicación reciente de la página. Elvenar Gems of Knowledge. Ayer a las 09:31. Are you ready for the next tournament? Find out which units to train and which goods to stock up on, here! Elvenar Gems of Knowledge. 11 de abril a las 09:23. Are you ready for the next tournament? Find out which units to train and which goods to stock up on, here! Elvenar Gems of Knowledge.

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Your Elvenar Team NEW website Elvenstats! Here's some fun stats for today: This is the number of members on each server and their respective sentinent boost. All players counted have placed the advanced trader. DE1 is crushing it with the most players in elementals. Code Elvenar Gems of Knowledge - 「いいね!」4,816件 · 23人が話題にしています - Pick up all the Gems of Knowledge you need to play Elvenar even better Elvenar erwirtschafte holz. Die Waldwirtschaft ist eines der Gebäude, welches die Waldelfen in deine Stadt bringen werden. Dieses produziert: Manatränen , Waldgeister, Windspiele und Treant-Sprösslinge

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