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What are some good weird questions to ask someone to get to know them better? 11.9k comments. share. save hide report. 93% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. View discussions in 4 other communities . level 1. 3.1k points · 2 years ago How much sawdust can you put into a Rice Krispie Treat before people start to notice. There is no such thing as a Stupid Question! Don't be embarrassed of your curiosity, everyone has questions that they may feel uncomfortable asking certain people, so this place gives you a nice area not to be judged about asking it. Everyone here is willing to help. All questions are welcome such as to how to change oil, to how to tie shoes.

What're some of the good weird questions to ask someone to get to know them better? 1.5k comments. share. save hide report. 96% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. View discussions in 1 other community. level 1 . 1.1k points · 1 year ago. On a long car ride, on of my friends asked If you had a third ear, where would you put. r/stupidquestions: Ask all your stupid and/or embarrassing questions here. Don't understand something that seemingly everyone else understands? Ask

Are Blacks Names ‘Weird,’ or Are You Just Racist?Little kids ask some weird questions : theCHIVE

What are some good weird questions to ask someone - reddit

  1. reddit questions: a knowledgebase built on reddit r/ questions. Join. hot. hot new top rising. hot. new. top. rising. card. card classic compact. 22. Posted by 7 hours ago. Is it normal for women to hit men? (As men) Idk my sister who is an adult will spontaneously hit me for no reason at all so I brush it off most of the time but sometimes she hits me and it hurts so i hit her back but then.
  2. Weird questions can be funny, but you need to be careful who you are asking because some folks might not find it funny. Anyway, this a good way to catch fun with friends and any other person around. These questions can set the stage for more intimate, fulfilling, and enjoyable relationships, they are meant to draw attention, you can try it out with some of these weird questions that we have here
  3. Humans are curious creatures and sometimes have more questions than answers. Over the centuries, however, we've accumulated quite a bit of knowledge. So if someone needs a quick fix of information, they can always open the Bible or an encyclopedia. Or Reddit. More and more people are turning to /r.

No such thing as stupid questions - reddit

Reddit is a weird place. Beyond the memes and inside jokes on the front page, there are thousands of niche communities where folks get nitty and gritty about the darndest things The Reddit community has a lot of sex questions, and Cosmo has a lot of answers. With the help of Dr. Sadie Allison, founder of TickleKitty.com and author or Tickle My Tush—Mild-to-Wild Analplay. Read Funny and stupid questions to ask people from the story RANDOM!!!!! by AllTimeNutella13 with 1,594,505 reads. cat, dog, salad. ~~~What happens when you.. Toddlers are pretty strange. Parents on Reddit are sharing the weird questions toddlers ask that they can't answer and Google can't either

These weird questions to ask a girl are a bit off the wall. Nothing too crazy, but most are pretty unusual. And there are definitely some straight up odd questions thrown in as well. I'm sure you'll get some very interesting answers from these questions and possibly some strange looks Parents on Reddit are sharing the weird questions toddlers ask that they can't answer and Google can't either. Why is green? Menu. Funny; Pictures; Memes; Tweets; Lists; Trending; Random; Entertainment; Original ; 20 Parents Share The Questions Their Toddlers Ask That Google Can't Answer. Patricia. Prev Article Next Article . I'm convinced we lose a lot of our creative thought once we. Glassdoor.com has gone through the thousands of interview questions shared by interviewees to come up with a list of the Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions.Some are definitely strange, most of them are unique, and some of them are a challenge to answer because there is no right or wrong response These Weird Questions Will Reveal What % Normal You Are. But really, what is normal? by Matthew Perpetua. BuzzFeed Staff. Is there someone in your life that you think is kinda gross, but you still.

What're some of the good weird questions to ask - reddit

Weird, funny and strange interview questions can be a powerful tool to glean information about a potential candidate as long as they are used correctly. If the interviewer doesn't know what he or she is looking for, then throwing out a strange interview question just for the sake of doing it will be pointless and awkward. It's an excellent technique to get to know the real person, but. More questions, some weird, to ask! Weird questions to ask a girl - Some more great weird questions, lot's will work for guys too! Questions to ask a guy or girl over text - If you are texting a guy, you might want to try these questions. Questions to ask a guy - These are a little more general, but really great questions to ask a guy Use at your own discretion. Answers from this Reddit thread What are some good weird questions to ask someone ? r/AskReddit Videos! Like, Comment and Subscribe if you are new on the channel! Best of Reddit posts High-Quality videos daily, we always post. Weird and Unique Job Interview Questions Employers can gain asking job candidates unusual questions. Share Pin Share Email ••• Sigrid Olsson / Getty Images By. Full Bio. Follow Linkedin. Follow Twitter. Susan Heathfield is an HR and management consultant with an MS degree. She has covered HR for The Balance Careers since 2000. Read The Balance's editorial policies. Susan M. Heathfield.

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  1. No one! Moreover, you could make the list of the 31 most ridiculous questions ever asked on YahooAnswers with it. So, the bottom line is: you shouldn't be afraid to ask the Internet anything, because the Internet will respond and more or less, you will get your desired answer or you'll be made famous by your silly question. Either way, it's win-win, as long as we all keep it chill and fun. No.
  2. 21 Weird Things Kids Said In Sex Ed. Redditor XTheSmokingGunX asked if anyone remembered funny quotes from their days in Sex Ed. Here are some of the best responses via this Reddit thread (NSFW.
  3. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Reading STUPID QUESTIONS ON REDDIT | Alonzo Lerone YouTube DUMBEST THINGS We Did As Kids (pt 2) - Duration: 11:08. Alonzo Lerone 1,774,559 view

reddit questions: a knowledgebase built on reddit

A silly list of questions and thoughts to ponder. crazythoughts.com. Funny Thoughts To Ponder; Funny Thoughts To Ponder. Why doesn't McDonald's sell hotdogs? Are eyebrows considered facial hair? At a movie theater which arm rest is yours? If an ambulance is on its way to save someone, and it runs someone over, does it stop to help them? Do vegetarians eat animal crackers? Why are there no 'B. When the world's most famous living physicist says ask me anything to the Internet, there are going to be some nutty responses. Reddit users submitted more than 9,000 questions to Stephen. If you took all the photos from this article and made a movie based on them, we are sure that you'd get at least a couple of Oscar nominations. Meanwhile, we can only look at these weird photos and ask ourselves why our own lives are so boring New AskReddit Stories: what was the most shocking thing you heard the 'quiet kid' say? --- LIKE AND I WILL UPLOAD MORE REDDIT STORIES! Teacher, School, Students Story Playlist: https://www.youtube.

28 Unbelievably Dumb Questions That Still Need To Be Resolved. Somebody help these people. by. by Jack Shepherd. BuzzFeed Staff, by Tanner Greenring. BuzzFeed Staff 1. The reason why Americans are. 17 of the Weirdest Interview Questions Google and Other Big Companies Ask to Identify Top Talent Because What's your biggest weakness? won't help you find the most creative employees The Most Legendary Reddit Threads. By Alyson Lewis. Mar 15, 2018. Image via Getty/SOPA Images. Reddit is one of the few still-used modern day message boards. There's a subreddit for everything. Girls Share Some Weird Things That Almost Every Guy Does But Don't Realize Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed and subscribe for daily uploads! Binge watch r/AskRedd..

42 Incredibly Weird Facts You'll Want To Tell All Your Friends. Never be without kangaroo vagina trivia again. by Tom Phillips. BuzzFeed Staff, UK . thedabbler.co.uk / Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed 1. The. Browse through and take weird quizzes. If you have ever played or seen someone play the game Ib or Witch's house (which will be a result in this quiz) you might wanna see/ play some other games like it so here are some From pencil sharpening to speed-undressing, the Planet Dolan Crew re-enacts some of the best true stories from our subreddit about the weirdest things people have gotten competitive about Patreon.

Whatever be the case, Would you rather questions are a great way to get a new conversation started in a fun and interesting way without loosing your cool. One of the ways to get to know someone well is to start up a conversation, but you'll agree with me that starting up a conversation with someone you've just met is not that easy. When it comes to conversation, asking questions is one. Strange questions, real answers. Answers to the world's strangest questions. Ask a question or share your knowledge

From lewd acts to insane passengers, the Planet Dolan crew re-enact some of the best true stories from our subreddit about the most disturbing things that ever happened to us on a bus. What was. Weird Text Generator. advertisement. Send. This is an online weird text translator. It converts normal text into weird text by using unusual unicode symbols which resemble the normal number and letter characters of the alphabet. It's able to generate weird text symbols from the normal ASCII symbols that you are able to copy and paste, because all the characters in the right-hand box of the. Reddit has an entire Shower Thoughts subreddit dedicated to the miniature epiphanies you have that highlight the oddities within the familiar. In honor of those weird, wonderful and sometimes profound musings, here are 25 of the best posts from the last week Weird News Last Updated: 5:47 GMT, 15 May 2020 Honey stealing, cow-chasing bear's nine months on the run comes to an end. Papillon, three, was a very naughty boy indeed. Mum drinks sperm smoothies.

Questions like these often require no introduction or explanation, so they can serve a ice-breakers as well. You can get a flicker of someone's true self if you catch them off guard enough. (The only requirement is that you be prepared for some people to think you're a weirdo for not talking about the usual things or for asking inane questions, but these will normally be only a small. Weird News. Answer to algebra problem shows student needs to be a programmer Press. Irish local newspaper runs Isis April Fools' Day story Americas 'Frozen excrement' dropped from plane crashes.

130+ Weird Questions To Ask People or Someon

You'll definitely not believe it, like how can anyone invest in weird websites! Want to have fun, kill boredom and do something great in free time? Look no more! Check our new collection of 30 strange and weird websites to waste time and kill boredom. Feel free to thank us later Synonyms for weird at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for weird via Flickr - Von Mond Geweckt. 1. When and where was the first pillow fight? 2. If Jennifer Aniston knew I existed, would she find me attractive 17 Weird Topics Every Couple Should Discuss Before Marriage. By Laken Howard. July 7, 2017. Fotolia. If you're in a long-term relationship, you might think you know everything about your partner.

Eighteen current and former teachers took to Reddit to share the most ridiculous questions they've ever been asked. Get push notifications with news, features and more. + Follow Following. You. Some questions are geeky. And some, just outright creepy. We didn't want to show her responses. That's for you to enjoy. Besides, who likes spoilers anyway? (Okay, just one then. Look up.) Let us know if we missed any good ones. Our community recommended section is growing like crazy! We are up over 160 questions to ask Cortana now. Plus. Smart Ass Questions If bars aren't allowed to serve drunk people, then why is McDonald's still allowed to serve fat people? If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, what is baby oil made from? what do butterflies feel in their stomach when they're in love? why can't our mind tell the difference between hungry & bored? Why is pizza round but come in a square box. weird involving or suggesting the supernatural: a weird glowing object in the sky; fantastic; bizarre: That's a weird costume you are wearing. Not to be confused with: wired - equipped with wires; made of wire; consisting of or made of wires: a wired barrier; connected electronically to computer networks; a feeling of excitement or anticipation. Reddit | RedRedRoad 16+ Pics That Left Me With A Weird Feeling And A Lot Of Questions. Dan Something weird. Can you answer these unanswered questions? Because I sure can't... 1. Things are getting serious. Reddit | maut-ka-nanga-nach If something protest-able is dire enough to actually get introverts to leave their house and interact with the outside world, I must know what it is. Clearly.

308 Times People Had The Best Answers To Questions On Reddit

9GAG is your best source of FUN! Explore 9GAG for the most popular memes, breaking stories, awesome GIFs, and viral videos on the internet stupid questions things that make you go hmmm, imponderables We call them Dumb Questions here at Brain Candy, and we're sure that ours is THE BEST collection anywhere, with 350 questions story of this Top Weird News Videos. Video. Man dresses as Grim Reaper to warn Florida beachgoers about coronavirus U.S. news. Video. Video. Man in St. Louis bar lights cigarette while ignoring armed robber U. Weird or Confusing... there's a lot of strange stuff out there! This is your one stop destination for all that is strange

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Well, just so you know, a while back we published a wildly popular roundup of 20 weird interview questions that have actually been asked in an interview (go check it out if you haven't yet. Weird News. Weird News . Big mistake we've been making when opening Oxo cubes - and how we should do it A man has taken to Reddit for advice after his neighbours asked him and his wife to look.

27 Kind Of Weird Questions To Ask Someone To Get To Know

The Most Memorable College Admissions Essays Reddit Has Ever Seen Will Blow Your Mind. By Lucia Peters. Feb. 23, 2015. It's been a long time since I penned my college application essays, but that. Twenty-seven people took to Reddit to share the worst possible questions someone could ask on a first date. (Stop reading now if you're not prepared to cringe until your teeth fall out. Reddit Content Policy. Reddit is a platform for communities to discuss, connect, and share in an open environment, home to some of the most authentic content anywhere online. The nature of this content might be funny, serious, offensive, or anywhere in between. While participating, it's important to keep in mind this value above all others: show enough respect to others so that we all may. So far, nearly 18,000 people on Reddit have responded from all over the world e ven though the question was only posted on Sunday. Check out some of the top responses below. 1

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Reddit [ˈrɛdɪt] ist ein Social-News-Aggregator, eine Website, auf der registrierte Benutzer Inhalte einstellen bzw. anbieten können.Ein Inhalt kann entweder aus einem Link, einem Bild oder einem Textbeitrag bestehen.Andere Benutzer können die Beiträge als positiv oder negativ beurteilen. Die Bewertungen beeinflussen, welche Position der Beitrag auf der jeweiligen Reddit-Seite sowie der. Ask me weird questions; Archive; classicalshits. 309 notes Oct 23rd, 2018. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Pinterest; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; Hey, this post may contain adult content, so we've hidden it from public view. Learn more. Hey, this post may contain adult content, so we've hidden it from public view. Learn more. Hey, this post may contain adult content, so we've hidden. Yeah. Here's a recent AskReddit thread in which Reddit asked the question 'What is a weird mix of foods that actually tastes good?' You can check out the full horrible thread here, but if all you want are some delicious, traumatising 'highlights' then I, as your faithful steward and muck-raider, have provided exactly that below: Card. 30 Weird Habits show list info. People have lots of different habits - some of them really weird. How many weird habits do you have? 45,111 users · 170,793 views made by Nora. avg. score: 10 of 30 (35%) required scores: 1, 6, 9, 11, 15 list stats leaders vote Vote print comments. type to search. How many do you have?.

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25 weird job interview questions. 1 / 32. Back to Gallery. All job candidates should be prepared to tell me about yourself and explain why you're a good fit for their desired. Reddit isn't just a clearinghouse for interviews, animal pictures, and crazy stories. It's also a place where people ask questions and have discussions. Yesterday, one user wondered about. Der mutige VorschIag eines MiIIiardär wird sich für immer auf lhr Einkommen auswirken! Jetzt testen Interview questions aren't always about your skills and work experience. From determining your spirit animal to which famous person you would choose to be for a day, hiring managers like to force you off the traditional path to see how you think and what that reveals about you. Don't let these intentionally weird interview questions trip.

BBC - Earth - The truth about a strange blood-sucking monster16 Bizarre Clothing Items That Raise Too Many QuestionsA small corner of the internet is obsessed with 'LongBBC - Earth - Bees learn while they sleep, and that means

Via Reddit, a delightful collection of questions ninth graders have reportedly asked their sex education teacher — the queries compiled from what the Reddit poster says is three years' worth of. The Reddit user who initially claimed credit for President Donald Trump's tweet that showed Trump tackling CNN issued an apology Tuesday for the video and other offensive content he posted -- one. The notion that a series of questions can lead to love is appealing, as the recent popularity of the New York Times' 36 Questions experiment showed. OkCupid's matching questions, the ingredients. यह भी पढ़ें. दुनिया के बड़े प्रोत्साहन पैकेजों में से एक है भारत का आर्थिक पैकेज, निवेश आकर्षित करने पर होगा जो Ask a question; 0. UNREAD MESSAGES 0; You have no notifications yet. Weird . Would you rather By jmbsonic55 Male Bronze Medal Bronze Trophy Blue Star Gold Crown . line Wake up naked and sore and without any memory of the night before, next to the Burger King telling you you had it your way line Wake up naked next to Ronald McDonald telling you that you were loving it? OR. 1,622,842 votes.

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